Problems, technologies and solutions of true artificial intelligence are extremely unusual and complex. The complexity and lack of results have manifested themselves over many years within the field.

Despite all the efforts in various scientific fields of computer science, psychology, neurobiology etc., the solution to the artificial intelligence is illusive. Scientists are always convinced in correctness of their approaches as if the solution is just there. However, one can sense that the deceptive goal is much further. Trials, errors and disappointments caused many projects to fail.

In our approach we do not try to correct other’s errors, instead, we try to find reasons why so many mistakes were made - were these mistakes a result of the approach or just simply unavoidable consequence of human reasoning. We have uncovered the fundamental principles of intelligence based on a very deep analysis of information processing. We have found weaknesses, limitations and strengths of human information processing system and used them to reverse engineer the underlying principles.

We have uncovered a fundamental principle of transformational definition of intelligence as: “A system S is intelligent in respect to a context X if and only if the system S understands the context X”

Our research indicates that intelligence can’t be uniquely attributed to human species alone and, surprisingly, many “low-level” living organisms demonstrate intelligent behavior, i.e. understanding of their environments.

We believe that complete paradigm shift has to take place before one can start to approach the solution to the real artificial intelligence. Contrary to many claims, we think that fundamental principles of intelligence are very unique and, at the same time, universal. Following these principles leads to the very specific implementation. Intelligence expressed by humans and other biological systems has converged to this specific implementation over millions of years of evolution. Almost every element of this implementation is required and has been perfected by nature. One can only see this after sufficient number of the fundamental principles (key elements) are uncovered.

Many years of our research and analysis indicate that there is a very high probability of simulating these fundamental principles and working solutions of the biological intelligent systems and creating their computer models exhibiting properties of true artificial intelligence.

We understand, that given the history of the field of artificial intelligence any valuable claim made becomes highly subjective and losses its gravity till proven to be true. After all, any extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence. However, knowing strengths and weaknesses of human information processing system, the proof of this evidence lies always within one of the fundamental principles of intelligence – “our belief”.

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